Central Florida – Seminole County

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Seminole Surveillance is a premier, first-class private investigation, security, and intelligence firm, a trusted leader in confidential services, closed protection, and risk management solutions. Our experience, training, cutting-edge technology, strategic planning, and an extensive worldwide network of resources allow us to solve, on time and successfully, our client’s most critical problems.

Seminole Surveillance is a family-owned fully licensed and insured private investigation, security, and intelligence firm with strategically located offices in xxxx. The firm is duly registered as a Contractor with the US Federal Government.  Since being established in 2003 had assisted several investigative and security agencies, corporations, law firms, and high-profile clients internationally with excellent results achieved. The professional staff comprises highly trained private intelligence specialists including surveillance investigators, risk assessment specialists, background detectives, bodyguards, undercover agents, and an extensive network of resources around the world.

As licensed private investigators and detectives we operate within the legal limitations established by the law, but with the highest level of aggression to obtain unparalleled results.